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Welcome to the Stop Alcohol Under 21 Web site,
a Web site dedicated to helping parents and other Georgians reduce underage drinking of alcohol.

This website is being funded by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Division of Addictive Diseases, Office of Prevention Services and Programs under a contract with The Council on Alcohol and Drugs.  See About Us.

The Web site responds to 4 major needs related to underage drinking:

A. To decrease alcohol use prevalence rates among underage youth. 

B. To increase the perceived harm/risk associated with alcohol use among underage youth and their parents.    

C. To prevent parents from providing alcohol to their underage children.   

D. To prevent retailers from selling alcohol to underage youth.

See below for ways parents, other adults and young people can respond to the four needs:

  • Download and show Worst Drug of All video.
  • Get local radio stations to play Public Service Announcements (click on PSAs tab)
  • Get local newspapers to print Print Ads (click on Print Ads tab)
  • Click on Additional Resources tab for printed materials.
  • Click on Parent Manuals tab to see two different editions. Both editions are available in several age-range versions ranging from age 5 to age 20.
  • The 1st Edition is designed for parents whose children haven't begun drinking yet or who have just begun to experiment with alcohol.
  • The 2nd Edition is designed for parents whose children have begun to drink alcohol on a more frequent basis.
  • Click on Resource Links for more information.